About Data for Change

Data for change (D4C) is intended to be an annual conference series; the first edition of which was held in February 2018. The purpose of this conference is to provide a platform for conversations on enhancing the role of data in planning, implementing, and evaluating social change initiatives. The D4C conference series is expected to bring forth a learning and innovation network among development actors and change leaders from public, private, and community sectors.

The conference series will cover all areas of social development, focusing on the opportunities and barriers for enhancing the role of data in social change, with an eye on the emerging developments in digital technology. The term data includes quantitative, textual, graphic, and other forms of data that might be useful in this context.

Annual Conference, 2018

National Health Policy, 2017: Opportunities and Challenges - Keynote Address by Shri Amulya Ratna Nanda
Data and statistics for children: A global perspective on issues and prospects - Keynote Address by Shri Raj Gautam Mitra
Unveiling Infographics - The Nutrition Story of Odisha
D4C Welcome, Introduction, and Context setting


The theme of the inaugural edition of the D4C conference series is: Measuring development outcomes and promoting social inclusion in the digital age.

The event comprised of two keynote sessions and two panel discussions which broadly covered the areas of Child Rights and Health Systems.

The speakers and panelists are people with a very rich and varied experience from the various stakeholders who actively participate and contribute in their day to day lives in addressing the issues relating to social inclusion. The moderators are academicians with over two to three decades of experience in teaching, research and institution building.

The intent of this conference is to foster an exchange of ideas between the participants and create a best practices repository which would be available to the world at large.